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If Your Eyes Are Fooling You: Up-to-Date Content: Books vs. Websites

bernhardwebstudio profile image Bernhard Webstudio Originally published at on ・1 min read

Unlike books and newspapers, old websites can be updated in design so that content looks up to date again without it being! Sure, you can release a new edition of a book or reprint the newspaper. Still, I would say it is not comparable to the simplicity of doing that to a website, most importantly the distribution part. For anyone visiting the website it will have a fresh look; the book would have to be rebought, and who does that when you still have the old edition?

For certain applications, I am absolutely sure this is a wonderful thing that has to be embraced. For others, I can see some problems; outdated data, scientific results or best practices should be clearly distinguishable as such. Not sure how to cope with that; never forget to look at the date of a blog post?

It can certainly be used for evil, will be, is used for evil; additionally, asserting the date – if there is any – as an outstander is probably impossible.

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