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Bertil Muth
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Becoming a programmer late in your career

You worked in a different role for a decade or even decades, and then decided to become a programmer. What’s your story?

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Brian Lampe

I dropped out of college after one semester. I tried to get back, but life kept getting in the way. I worked all kinds of jobs. Fast food, waiting tables, bungee master, remodeling, pwc repairman, driving a truck... Eventually I got a desk job doing some kind of data entry plus. I got bored with that, and a friend suggested I try a programming class. I took a few classes, and I was in love. I started automating stuff for my team. I eventually worked my way into a sort of programmer-analyst role. They wouldn't make me a full developer, so I found someone who would.

I was about 33 at the time. Not super late, but later than a lot of folks. Every now and then I think maybe I should do another switch, but I don't know of anything that would be as gratifying. Lots of people hate their jobs like I hated mine. I'm one of the lucky ones that escaped.

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Martin Gaston

I've recently switched career to software development over the past 12 months, having worked in various media and marketing roles for the past ten years.

I think I realised over the past few years that I didn't really feel like I was being creative anymore, or solving the kind of problems I wanted to be solving.

I had kind of always wanted to work in development but always assumed that I wasn't capable. I thought development was for people with BSc degrees, not people who studied English Literature :)

But then I realised that the worst thing would be looking back in 20 years and thinking 'what if', so decided to pursue a career change. I was very lucky because I have an incredibly supportive partner and friends, who all helped give me enough of a push and the emotional support when it all felt like it was going wrong!

I'm super glad I did it - I've recently got my first role in the industry and I love it to bits - but there were quite a few big, frightening moments along the way.

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Justin Cooksey

I started a Degree in CS in 1988 (49yo) which for various reasons I never completed. For the last 25 years I've been working in IT support (Last 23 with the one firm). Now days I'm part of the small team managing storage and compute for our private cloud system with ~200 virtual servers. Along with many other SysAdmin roles.
But I'm back trying to get in to code. Trying to get the CS degree. Learning on my own. Just not sure about the actual step of changing jobs.

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saadabdelbaki • Edited

I was working and studying in the field of Networking and switching as a administrator system then I switched to learn code and coding too, Now I study code and I started to become a developer front end then I am looking to be a full stack developer Web