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Bertil Muth
Bertil Muth

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Best conference

What was the best conference you attended?
Why was it the best in your opinion?

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Leighton Darkins

For me conferences aren't just about learning new stuff. They're about new experiences, chatting with new folks and having a great time.

This year's JSConf in Iceland is my current number 1.

It really checked all the boxes for me:

  • Excellent organization
  • Excellent venue
  • Excellent content/speakers
  • Activities for kids
  • Activities for spouses on conference days
    • A good number of people made a family holiday out of the conference as a result.

  • Excellent dinners/parties

  • Incredible community events over the weekend following the conference
    • Glacier hiking
    • Waterfall watching
    • Hot-pooling
    • the list goes on...

  • and of course, all of my fellow attendees were wonderful folks. Many great chats were had.

My next target is JSConf in Hawaii. I'm confident it'll be incredible too.

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FOSDEM (Belgium):

  • many many many tracks (from embeded to community initiatives)
  • many nationalities and communities
  • cheap (event is free, hotels are in off-peak season)
  • good organization
  • beautifull city, nice food, awesome beers 🍺
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Brian Kephart

I had a fantastic time at RailsConf this year. I met devs from all over the world and got to take part in their Opportunity Scholar program. There are tons of tracks and activities.

I attended a single-track conference about six months prior. The experience was much worse, as it was aimed at devs in much different situations than mine. Multiple tracks are a must IMO, both for serving your personal interests and for attracting a wider variety of people to the event.