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CI, CD, automated tests?

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Hey! I am really curious:
what is the state of the art in testing, integration, and deployment?

Do you have a comprehensive automated test suite? What kind of tests?

Do you practice Continuous Integration: all developers of your team integrate into the same branch at least daily?

Do you have a build pipeline and practice Continuous Delivery?

How did you start? What were the challenges? Where are you now?

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Considering you read the tech blogs of the big companies (like netflix with their monkeys), some new solutions were launched this year, like the AWS CI/git.

Some big projects are even started to scan their cloud accounts for security issues.

And a few more companies started to use Spinnaker (from what I've seen on panels), for multi-cloud deployments.

As for tests - you run all the tests, all kind of tests, starting with the ones that are more likely to brake (the recent ones, affected/added by the latest change).

State of the art as in methodology... I don't think something new under the sun? I'm curious too.


For every new project I work on, I start with the CI/CD pipeline before coding anything substantial. This allows me to build trust in the ability to release right from the beginning and it increases dramatically productivity and the ability to get feedback.

In my previous job, I was building CI/CD tools (Product Manager at Atlassian in Dev Tools for 5+ years) and I had the chance to speak to many companies. While there's still a lot to do in terms of adoption Continuous Delivery is sort of the new Agile - by that I mean that it's the new practice that will help you scale your development and get better results.

I wrote a bunch of articles about CI vs CD and how to adopt these practices. They're all on but would probably be a good start.

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