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Finally passed AZ-204

berviantoleo profile image Bervianto Leo Pratama Originally published at Medium on ・2 min read

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I really happy because I can passed the exam of AZ-204. If you still don’t know what is AZ-204, I hope you can check this link. In short, this certification, will test your knowledge to develop software/apps that will use Azure Resources. It’s many aspects/materials like VM (Virtual Machines), Web App, etc. I can’t write too much here, because you will be bored when I write long post.

What resources that I used?

I use some sites to help me learn the materials.

  1. Microsoft Learn. Ah, this site really helpful, I can use the sandbox so will help me to understand more deeply in technical way. Anyway, you need to know a bit about C#, it will help to pass this exam.
  2. RoleIQ — Pluralsight. This site will help me to practice and measure your current knowledge. I use this site about 2 weeks before the exam, so I know how much that I’ve learned.
  3. Another site! You can’t stop in those sites, you can learn from another resources as well. I also learn from Azure Friday.

Here is my badge

Yey, thank you for visit this page too. I hope for you that also plan to take this exam, you also can pass it! I want to share my badge. Here we are.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate was issued by Microsoft to Bervianto Pratama.

For closing

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Have a nice day!

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