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Python Learning Path with Projects

bhavaniravi profile image Bhavani Ravi Originally published at on ・1 min read

With the boom of machine learning and Artificial intelligence, Python is at its prime time. One of the questions I get frequently asked is

  1. How to learn Python?
  2. What books do you suggest?
  3. Do you suggest any courses? etc.,

But the most common question is there are so many resources which one to follow. Worry not! I have curated a few useful resources that worked for so many people. The resources come with some projects for you to try out the concepts you learn.

Now you may get carried away by all the links and books here. Here is a trick.

  1. Go through them and open each of them in a new tab.
  2. Pick one and go through it.
  3. Open the code editor and try the examples.
  4. If you feel bored, go to the project section and try that out
  5. The project section is like a lighthouse that you are heading towards. The moment you can build a project with ease, you can drop these resources and move on.

The resources are like a guide book. You will do a lot of Googling and copy-paste from StackOverflow, which is completely fine and normal. All programmers do that.

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