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Tobias Nickel
Tobias Nickel

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How often google crawls my websites sitemap.xml

My website has a sitemap.xml for years. It automatically get updated when I publish a new article. Or any new content.

Since last November I use the google search console. There I can see how my website has performed in the google search. In the search console web app, you can add the url to your sitemap.xml. I did and I found google had already read it. The last time two days ago.

I observed, when it was read again, it was three weeks later on December 17. In all this time I published 5 more articles already (not all of them here in dev). But ok, Google would know that there are 5 new pages at once.

Then I published more stuff. Ohh in December I wrote a number of articles, that was a good month. And I keep observing when google pick up the sitemap.xml. It took an other week that it was crawled again.

Now I decided, I will every time when google is coming have something new. I added a new section to my website a developer log, where I can write what I developed on a day in a less structured way, compared with nice worked out articles.

Today, In the later half of January, I can see, that google read my websites sitemap.xml every day.


When there is very irregular new content on your website, google will crawl the websites sitemap also less regular. When google find something new, it comes back more often. In that way, google is like a hungry wild cat.

Now let us feet the cat and comment and share and make some good content.

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