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eSIM Benefits for Users & Service Providers

In 2019, two of the major smartphone manufacturers claimed several of their new models were embedded with eSIM whereas more are expected this year.more than two billion eSIM devices will hit the market which is sure to drive the technology further up.

For several years, mobile phone manufacturers and service providers alike had been using the usual removable SIM tech but, the trend of cost-cutting and “smart innovation” brought forward many different ideas with eSIM being one.

That said, it’s an acceptable fact that many of these top-of-the-line eSIM providers and manufacturers have also released wearable smartwatches and health meters, connected with smartphones. Most of the devices are already embedded with the tech which further makes it popular.

Now that the world has come to realize the benefits of eSIM over the traditional counterparts, let’s have a look at used cases for a more detailed insight.

For the Travelers

Travelers who wish to make the most of mobile connectivity without the hassle of buying a new international SIM benefit most. Now that almost every smartphone is equipped with wireless internet, the trend of free Wi-Fi hotspots, pocket router or a prepaid local SIM emerged but none without exorbitant cost or roaming charges.

In fact, a survey back in 2018 revealed that more than 51% of travelers don’t use mobile data unless coming over a free Wi-Fi hotspot. eSIM solution was thus considered a huge revenue-generating opportunity, making ‘travelers’, a perfect target audience. During international travel, commuters are relieved from carrying dual SIMs or multiple devices just for cost-saving purposes.

Yet another perfect business model or eSIM user target can be airline or travel agencies that might offer their customers with complementary mobile data or integrated SIM device.

Connected Devices

Connected consumer devices mostly include laptops, tablets, smartphones, and watches; all interconnected through the wireless internet, transferring data signals to each other. The coming of eSIM-powered smartwatch became a huge success almost eventually but when the top three connected consumer devices poll results were released, it was nowhere to be found. The reason is ‘preference’ and ‘most wanted’ where the laptop took the upper hand. Although it’s true, hooking up laptops with wi-fi hotspots significantly drains the battery and the same is true for smartphones.

Even from security point-of-view, Wi-Fi hotspots are a huge concern that further pushes up the eSIM connectivity market. For a little more buck, you can easily get an embedded SIM device with double the convenience and benefits.

Try & Buy Trend

The trend of ‘try and buy’ has been a long-time market strategy and when it comes to the digital tech-saturated world of today, the usual edibles have been replaced by smart applications and digital communication. When applying the rule of ‘try and buy’ in this particular market, you’ll get:

  • Blazing fast internet speed
  • Special discount and offer on calls
  • Be the first to try new devices, services, and business models before commercial release
  • Satisfaction and peace of mind at its best

So, What’d You Say About eSIM?

Now that we’ve explored used cases of the eSIM and its market evolution, the benefits, scope, and breadth of use are undeniable.

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