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Why Should I Use Bootstrap

We've in one one way or the other came across bootstrap and even maybe used it in our projects...

In this article I'll talk about whether you should or should not use bootstrap and I'll consider the following:

  • What project are you doing
  • How soon is the deadline of the project
  • What's your end goal

So lets get started.

What's Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a CSS framework. Different CSS styling being brought together and put in one stylesheet.

What project are you doing?

A project to be done will determine whether or not to use bootstrap.

Let's say you are doing a project for a client and the client wants something with great UI and UX, in this I'll suggest not to use bootstrap because bootstrap as much it's easy to use and comes with bunch of different classes, it will limit you into creating things which will look like what is in the bootstrap but writing your own CSS in this matter will give you a lot of freedom and you'll create great UI and UX with a lot of freedom.

Now if you want to create a project that's more of backend and less of front end then I'll suggest using bootstrap in this because in this you will be concentrating much on the backend so bootstrap will come in handy to spice your frontend a little bit so that your frontend can appear somehow appealing to the users

So now that you know how a kind of project can determine whether or not to use bootstrap let's get to our next point.

When is the Project Due?

Time is a crucial part in any project development and if you don't plan well for it, you'll never get to finish your project on time.

So if you have a project that's needed so urgently and the client wants something that's good enough to draw users to the site then go for bootstrap because it will save you a lot of time and you will finish the project faster.

If the project is not that urgent and you have time to write your own stylesheets then don't go for bootstrap and instead writie your own stylesheets, this way you'll create something the way you want it to be though... it's a lot more work but it's worth it.

What's your End goal

Why are you doing the project?

If you are doing a project for instance because you want to learn as you do and what you want to learn is more of frontend then I'll suggest not using bootstrap so that learn CSS from it's core.

One can work with bootstrap without knowing CSS but one can't work with CSS by knowing bootstrap only

If on the other hand you are learning backend by doing a project and you don't mind a lot about frontend then I'll suggest using bootstrap.

Why do you Use Bootstrap

For instance if you are using bootstrap because you maybe only want to utilize the buttons class or the navbar class, then I'll suggest just writing your own stylesheet because bootstrap comes with lots of classes which you'll never get to use but if you want like to use 3/4 of bootstrap classes then go ahead and use bootstrap.


Whether or not to use bootstrap entirely depends on what you want to achieve. There are guys who can't do a project without bootstrap and there are those who always prefer to write their own stylesheets. But I hope with what I have shared in this article will help you choose on when to use bootstrap.

See you in the next article and don't forget to leave a reaction if it helped.

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