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My Roadmap to learn Rust

Hey, i wanted to learn a new language and i have decided to learn rust. I will just be sharing my learning journey.


  1. Setup
  2. Understand the Basics
  3. Learn with examples
  4. Rust and Web assembly
  5. Building projects3

I have decided to learn Rust as a web developer. If the trends and what i have heard is true. Web is becoming more powerful and performant.

Also, a lot of crypto ecosystem in using rust as in building big projects. For example i got to know solana projects use rust a lot.

Here is the roadmap that i have decided to take. Hope it will help you as well. I will be sharing my learning. I guess it's the best way to learn.

1 Setup

I downloaded rust from here.

Code editor : vscode

Rust has this cargo package manager and packages are called crates.

2. Understand the Basics.

I will be reading this book for the 1-2 week. Go through basic concept and syntax of the language. I learn better and faster by reading and iterating in the code editor. Also, I want to have a good understanding of the language concept. Learning by video is a bit slow and i am not really doing anything. I get stimulated that i have learnt something but in reality i have done nothing of my own.

3. Learn with examples.

I will be spending my first 2-3 week with this books. Learning the basics and making simple example project from the second book.

After finishing the two, doesn't matter how much time it take. I would be able to do it in like 1 to 2 months. That much is enough to go through the staff once. Obviously, the aim is to start building projects in rust.

4. Rust and web Assembly

Finally working with web assembly and rust together. The best way to build a cross platform project or app is to use the web.

This will probably will be my last book. At least as per the plan. I will be sharing if i discover new resources to learn.
I am trying to restrict myself to this three book only for now.

Do let me know if you guys already have some resources with me in the comments.

5. Build Large scale project

I don't have any idea right now. I will be collecting ideas as i learn. Suggest me what i should build with rust.

Other Resources To learn Rust

Interactive Book with Quiz

Social media links

Twitter : @biomathcode

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