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Resources for finding remote jobs

After working remotely for 5+ years, here are some recommended resources if you're interested in legitimate remote work opportunities:


900+ start-ups hiring remotely in 2019 (Google Sheet)

18 vetted remote job boards

Forbes list of 100 remote companies (slightly old - 2018)

100 more companies hiring remotely right now

Remote job search via LinkedIn

FB groups

Remote nomad jobs

Remote jobs

Digital nomad jobs

Remote & travel jobs

Remote jobseekers

Let's work remotely

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iamarsenibragimov profile image
Arsen Ibragimov

Hey Biron,

thank you for this list.

I'm curious about what do you think about the job board and community called Meerkad πŸ€” What we do is very simple - collect and manually post remote jobs from many different sources including most of those from your list.

Results? While every top remote job board posts X jobs per day we post 5X. Let's take remote jobs for pythonists for example

I'm looking forward to your feedback πŸ™‚


henrikharju profile image
Henrik Harju

Nice list! there's also that's quite nice

fetishlace profile image

Thanks for sharing <3

fgeurson profile image
Daniel M. Wolken

Great list Biron. I am curious, have you ever come across DailyRemote(, it is remote job board with daily updated remote jobs in various fields.

coding_tom profile image
Tom Cafferkey

It's also probably worth mentioning, and along with plenty of other well known job boards during this difficult period

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