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Building a one click identity verification system - One Secure.

One of the most effective ways to combat fraud is through identity verification. No thief will rob a place knowing his identity has been compromised and is trackable.

Since the problem of digital fraud has been on the rise, people and companies have been creating innovative solutions like Government Identification Systems, Biometric Verification, Address Verification, AI-Powered Facial Recognition, and many more.

The I4G and SeamFix Hackathon tasked us with the challenge of providing a solution to the problem of identity verification using Verified Africa API, and here is the result of that endeavor.

We built One Secure, an all-in-one identity verification system for businesses, and a one-click verification portal for individuals.

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For Businesses: One Secure provides an API that helps businesses integrate multiple identity verification providers on one platform. The advantage is that whenever a propriety service provider is down, your system can always switch to a supporting provider (selected by you).

In addition, the One Secure API allows you to use different infrastructure providers to handle various verification requirements on your platform. For example, Verified Africa can resolve BVN and NIN verifications, while IdentityPass for real-time biometric and liveliness checks. This way, you are not only restricted to using just one provider.

Furthermore, the main reason loan defaulters go from platform to platform is that there is no way for their identity to be tracked and sanctioned. With One Secure, businesses can get information about users that either has been reported or flagged by others.

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For Individuals: One Secure ensures you never fill a form details twice. By aggregating the data provided by you, we make it ten times easier and faster for you to sign up on any platform (website or app).

Lastly, here are some of the possible use cases for One Secure:

1. Banking and Lending: Get easy access to your users' data, all in one place, BVN, NIN, House Address, CAC Documents, etc.

2. Telecoms: Registering a new sim user shouldn't require much hassle. Get access to a user's local government area, state of origin, and mother's maiden name, all in one click.

3. E-commerce: Verify your sellers and reduce fraudulent activities. The semi-anonymity of some e-commerce platforms makes them easily prone to fraudulent schemes.

4. Health Care: Get users' health records like genotype, blood group, and allergies, all with one integration.

5. Education: Access past education history, user's biodata, exam scores, etc. Improve your onboarding process with just one integration.

6. Fraud Protection: Report and block fraudulent users and get insights on users that either have been reported or blocked by other platforms.

Team Members:
Damilare Ololade
Salawudeen Quadri
Jamiu Tijani

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Abdul Quadri

Great work guys.
This is motivating and I love it 👍❤️

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