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The Top 10 Most Promising WordPress Podcasts for 2019

Being an avid WordPress user is just the beginning. After all, there is always breaking news, updates, trending designs, coding techniques, tools, and more to learn about.

But in between work and play, how are you supposed to keep up without making a huge time commitment?

The answer is WordPress podcasts.

Introduced on iTunes in 2005, podcasts have come a long way. In fact, there are currently over 700,000 podcasts and 29 million episodes for people to listen to; and those numbers continue to rise.

People love listening to podcasts because they offer the flexibility to do other things while listening to something they’re interested in.

And when it comes to WordPress podcasts, there’s something for developers, designers, and users alike. But just because podcasts give you an easier way to keep up with the WordPress world doesn’t mean you automatically know which ones to tune into.

That’s why we’re here to help you out. We’ve rounded up the top 10 most promising WordPress podcasts for 2019 so you can narrow down your search, find a podcast that suits your needs, and start listening right away.

1. WP Elevation

wp elevation

WP Elevation not only brings the main host Troy Dean to the speaker to share his insight on scaling your online business, creating high-level goals, and being grateful, but multiple other hosts to switch things up and add different perspectives.

Perfect for anyone looking to build recurring revenue (with or without WordPress), this podcast is broken into easy sections so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. These sections include processes, getting clients, recurring revenue, growth, tech, and balance.

Recent episodes include:

2. Kitchen Sink WP

kitchen sink wp

Adam Silver, a longtime WordPress user that wants to share the value of WordPress and its community with others, hosts Kitchen Sink WP. His episode topics range from event roundups to plugin reviews, and freelance business tips to starting an online business.

He also interviews prominent people in the WordPress industry to share their insight with listeners. WordPress users of all skill levels and interests have something to gain from this weekly podcast.

Recent episodes include:

3. Matt Report

matt report

Rather than focus on nitty-gritty web development tools, processes, or coding tips related to WordPress, the Matt Report focuses on giving real people insight into how they can run their WordPress businesses better than ever.

You can expect regular guest speakers to share actionable advice and practical tips with each episode you listen to. And the best part is, WordPress developers, designers, writers, consultants, and shop owners can all learn something new by tuning in and seeing what the next Matt Report has to say.

Recent episodes include:

4. Post Status Draft

post status draft

Post Status Draft started out as an aggregator site of helpful WordPress resources. It then turned into a blog that published original, WordPress-related content. After that, Post Status Draft turned into a podcast that released 1-2 new podcasts a month with news, tips, tools, and interviews for people to listen to.

The neat thing about this WordPress podcast is that is deals with both the development and business side of WordPress. In fact, it’s one of the only WordPress podcasts that still discuss all things WordPress.

Recent episodes include:

5. Agency Trailblazer

agency trailblazer

This cool WordPress podcast is setting out to build a solid community of WordPress developers and agencies. Focusing on important topics like effective client management, greater revenue generation, and better business practices, the hosts at Agency Trailblazer want to help you succeed while building your WordPress agency.

Adding to that, they want to make sure that your agency not only continues to grow but that there’s leftover time to spend with friends and family too.

Recent episodes include:

6. WPwatercooler


WPwatercooler is one of the oldest and most respected WordPress podcasts around. It includes a nice mixture of live and pre-recorded content that airs weekly and is headed by Jason Tucker, a successful web services company owner that enjoys using WordPress.

In the episodes, WordPress enthusiasts talk about news, real-life applications and successes, and even the technical side of WordPress, which many podcasts don’t do. Jason also likes to interview top WordPress leaders and find out how they feel WordPress is changing businesses and our lives.

Recent episodes include:

7. WordPress Weekly

wordpress weekly

Jeff Chandler and John James Jacoby of WP Tavern bring WordPress Weekly to you. This podcast is a great source of WordPress news, anything related to the WordPress core or Automattic, and marketing topics. And every episode is recorded live so the flow is organic and easy to follow along.

WordPress Weekly’s hosts aim to show people how to create a recognizable brand using customer loyalty and technical knowledge of the WordPress CMS. Plus, they like to share how leadership can impact the productivity of a business.

Recent episodes include:

8. Hello, WP!

hello, wp

Hello, WP! is a new WordPress podcast that takes a new spin on delivering you everything WordPress related. Hosted by the Dailey brothers, Micah and Josh, episodes reveal how Micah (a new WordPress user) learns the basics and what the WordPress community is all about.

The thing is, though Micah is a new user, experienced WordPress developers have a lot to benefit from listening in. The conversations remind people how it was to be a beginner in the WordPress space and how different things are today.

Recent episodes include:

9. Women in WP

women in wp

It’s important to remember that WordPress is a diverse community that includes powerful women too! That’s why Women in WP is a part of this promising list of WordPress podcasts to check out this year.

There aren’t a lot of women hosting podcasts in general, but this podcast airs bi-monthly episodes that are about women who blog, design, develop, and market in the WordPress community and how they use WordPress in their businesses and personal lives.

Recent episodes include:

10. WP Roundtable

wp roundtable

WP Roundtable is a unique WordPress podcast that includes a roundtable, or panel, of WordPress experts and guests to cover topics like development, hosting, themes, performance, and business.

They have an extensive lineup of interviewees, and a convenient schedule you can check out if you’re looking for someone in particular. Adding to that, WP Roundtable has been podcasting since 2014, so you’ll never have a shortage of material to listen to.

Recent episodes include:

And there you have it! The most promising WordPress podcasts to check out this year.

Whether you want to brush up on your development skills, learn about the latest WordPress news, or find new ways to acquire more customers and generate more money with your online shop, there’s a podcast just waiting for you to click play. And don’t worry, you can take your WordPress podcasts with you so you stay up to date on all things WordPress, while getting everything else done you need to.

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