How to get started with Andrtoid development?

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Advice please. (Sensible)

What sites and lists should I frequent if I would like to learn about Android development?

I am a proficient iOS / Swift developer - so I am looking for somethnig that will help me translate iOS concepts to Android concepts.

Is there a:

  • tutorial series
  • blog
  • community site

That you can recomend?

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If you have a proficient enough understanding of Java, I'd go for the free content Udacity has on Android development.

If you're looking for Android dev with Kotlin, check out Letsbuildthatapp on youtube. He primarily does videos on iOS development, but he's published some videos with kotlin and I think more is on the way.



Thanks @francisco . I'll check out the Kotlin videos.


The official Android docs is a great place to start!


Since you understand swift then picking this up would not be hard at all, good luck!

EDIT: This is also a really good podcast that talks all about android development:


I find these to be really good learning sources:

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