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Brittan Fairchild
Brittan Fairchild

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This year has been a milestone for me. I have managed to shift my career to tech, learning enough skills to make myself marketable in the industry. I am so blessed to have had all the support and friendships that I have had along the way, and I know that I am only just starting out on my journey as a Software Engineer.

Over the course of six months, I have learned how to be a competent full-stack web developer, utilizing Javascript and Ruby on Rails. To continue to grow as a forever student, I plan on tackling Python, Django, and Node.js next. So many companies desire machine learning in the current market that I feel like Python is the best skill to learn to remain a competitive, desirable candidate.

Many companies will be refreshing their budget for staffing come January. The job hunt will renew in earnest come the new year, and I am hungry to find a position where I can really flex my creativity and problem solving skills.

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