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[week1] Days 5 - I call jenkins API with a express app

School Project

So today i was working on a school project , and i made a call api consumption from my express app to a jenkins REST API


We're making an api with node.js / Express , this call the api of Jenkins for getting the result of a job


For making this API we use a .env file wich contain the data necessary to access jenkins, like the user or the token link to the user, we define it like this.

JOB_USER = <jenkins_user>
JOB_TOKEN = <jenkins_token>

JENKINS_URL = <Jenkins url>
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Create express server

For insure that our api run proprelie , we created an application/server. You can find information on how to make one here

Jenkins Api Call

We make options for gettings informations from our .env like this

let options = {
    url : "",
    method: 'HEAD',
    auth: {
        'user': process.env.JOB_USER,
        'pass': process.env.JOB_TOKEN
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now we can make our routage

    app.get("/jenkins", (req,res) => {
        options.url = `${process.env.JENKINS_URL}/job/[you folder]/job/[you job]/lastBuild/api/json?pretty=true`
        request.get(options, (err, response) => {
            if (!err){                
                let status = JSON.parse(response.body)
            else {
                res.send(err) ; 
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And with that i can now if my build run properly or i faced some trouble .

Thx for reading , hope you loved it !


if you see any spelling or grammar mistakes, can you notify me (I am still improving my English) ? thank you !
if you have any tips for improving my post feel free to comment on the post

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