57 : My algorithms

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I want to understand how the computer makes decisions and processes one by one, based on mathematical reasons, which means operating. That is what I decided finally. To concentrate better, and exactly, the recording is the best way to reflect my studying, and solve algorithm problems!

A programmer is a person who knows how to solve each problem by themselves, therefore, it is necessary to know my logic, and what is my logic?

Situation > Why? > How? > Try > Solve or Not

I am going to practice ‘computational thinking’, processing one by one until it can be accurate on my own, I think I accept the way of learning in order.

The New Version

[Input] Understand problems > applying the conditions > operating the solutions > pseudo-code > coloring by computer language > Solve it! [Output]

How? Actually solving problems, it is a new chapter to say Hello world from the reason to situation, from the structure to logic, from photographer world to developer world! 📸

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