69: What is the bug in front-end development

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QUESTION: My curiosity never stops

  • What is the purpose of learning JS grammar
  • why does the bug happen?
  • I wondered why it matters to solve bugs, in frontend development,
  • Why does it happen while creating?
  • What sort of accidents would it be possible to happen?


This is an informative post, which I got an idea from this article ::::: How to Get Rid of Frontend bugs

  1. Content Bugs: Missing or invalid data when not handled properly can lead to bugs such as broken images, links that lead you to 404s, empty tooltips, and typos.

  2. Functional Bugs: Forms that don’t submit, buttons that do nothing, requirements that are not fulfilled, and 500 pages stop users from reaching their goals.

  3. Visual bugs: When interfaces look broken it sometimes (overflow) gets considered as functional bugs as well. Text overflows, alignment, and cropped interfaces all have a great impact on the user experience.

  4. Accessibility Bugs: Often overlooked, popular bugs include keyboard navigation issues, missing alternative texts, and color contrast issues.

  5. Internationalization Bugs: Famously known for RTL problems, wrong currencies, missing content, truncation, and date formats.

  6. Performance Bugs: Images that take forever to load, or even worse pages that don’t render until the user already leaves.

  7. Browser Compatibility Bugs: All of the IE memes and jokes do not come without a reason. Occasionally, features work on some browsers but not for others.

  8. Security Bugs: Generally thought as a backend problem, yet on the frontend, you are also subjected to security threats. Especially, when you use third parties that inject javascript that has the same powers as your own javascript.

  9. Usability Suggestion: Users might be facing a challenging user experience that they think the feature doesn’t actually work, and hence stop using your application as well.

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