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Roberto Hernandez
Roberto Hernandez

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An Open Letter to my Readers and Followers – Thanks ️

Dear reader and follower,

I don’t know where you are now, but I have the luck to reach you thanks to this platform, our connections are powerful.

Probably for some of you, today is a normal day. However, for the rest is valentine’s day. A special day where we have the opportunity to express our affection and appreciation to our loved ones and friends. I already did it!

However, in this opportunity, being honest and frank with you, knowing your important value in my growth as a human being and developer. I just wanted to give you a bunch of thanks for being part of my story. Thanks for staying and deciding to travel with me along the way. Believe it or not, every letter, every word, every paragraph, every single piece read, makes us stronger and better at the same time.

I am not different than you, I am an avid reader and follower too

Just like you, I am a hungry reader. I am an avid reader. I follow people who have de ability to inspire me and become a new version of myself with their pieces or videos. You have caused that I become an obsessive reader. The more pieces I read the better I become. And you are the like too. Reading makes us more conscious and better thinkers. I am learning from others because this world will not be better in another way around. I hope you are learning something from pieces, no matter if it is a big lesson, a refresh f something, or just a small lesson. I bet to say at some point you will remember these words.

If you want to go fast, go alone if you want to go far, go together

I am so lucky that you are reading this humble letter now. Also, I am grateful you have taken to spend your priceless time to read any piece I have published before as well as for staying tuned for every next piece that will come out. That simply is awesome and it has no price!

I don’t have any intention to go fast on my journey. One day at a time is enough to be alive. However, my voyage is more fun if you travel with me. Together will arrive at a better port. You and I are growing and learning at the same time.

So, please accept my sincerest thanks for your support. Thanks for being part of this story. Earlier than later I bet I will be reading a similar letter from you.

Feel free to reach on my blog and Medium

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Alexandro Disla

All love. I am just starting to learn everything. These words are very appreciated.

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Roberto Hernandez

Good to read this. thanks for reading

maxdevjs profile image

It's the journey... :)