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Hey Folks! I hope you are doing great.

In this post we will be learning next.js and why you should use it for your next project.

What is next.js?

The react framework for production. Next.js org
Next.js is a framework built on the react library. It helps you create server side rendering and static applications which improves user experience and SEO.

Why Next.js?

Next.js simplifies the process of building a react application. I'll give you 10 reasons why Next.Js should be used for your next project.

  1. Image optimization
    Next.js has its own image component which helps in resizing, optimizing and scaling images.

  2. Fast Refresh
    Any change or edit you make in your react component is instantly reflected in your browser.

  3. Zero Config
    No or little configuration is needed when creating or building your app. Automatic compilation and building.

  4. Authentication
    It supports various authentication patterns each designed for different use cases.

  5. Routing
    Next.js has a file base routing system. In a typical react app you will need to install a third party library to help with routing in your app but with next.js it is made available for you with no config needed.

  6. API Routes*
    You can create API endpoints inside your next.js application.

  7. CSS Support
    Next.js by default is styled using CSS modules which saves you the time of choosing a CSS library. You are allowed to use any CSS framework like tailwind CSS or CSS in JS library like styled components.

  8. Server Side Rendering(SSR) and Static Site Generation(SSG)
    Pre-renders your pages at build time(SSG) or when the page is requested(SSR).

  9. Code Splitting
    Next.js automatically breaks your code to speed up page loading.

  10. TypeScript Support

Websites that use Next.js


All the features above makes next.js an amazing framework to work with. It provides you with the best developer experience.
If you know other features of next.js or websites that use next.js then let me know about them in the comments.

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