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Python vs Go

what's the difference between the Python programming language and the Go programming language and which should
you choose?


Okay sorry there are different areas the first area is speed. So go is based on C++ so it's really fast, it's as fast as C++.

Python is a bit slower so if you rely on speed then you should take go. Go is compiled
programming language. It is a traditional programming language that is compiled down and then executed in bytecode.

The Python programming language which is interpreted so you can quickly try things out so if you want to get paid highly then I recommend a Python.

In the US, you will get six figures easily.


Go is a much younger language released in 2009, Python in 1991 so python is still the 800-pound gorilla with much more experience regarding object orientation.

Go is not object orientated and Python is object oriented, so it's more useful abstraction in many cases python has like concurrent libraries which execute concurrently.

If you rely on parallel programming and distributed things then go is much easier it has built-in concurrency support.

Python does not but you can import it easily with the library. So in memory management Python doesn't let you to customize memory management, so it is like automatic in go.

computer memory concurrency

Go has some customization features so it's a bit more powerful in memory management for the user.

General purpose?

For the programmer, Python is much more popular. It is a really simple programming languages to learn, ok so how does go look?

print("hello world")
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Go uses parenthesis and it's different, like a bit like the C++ language with some Python language add-ons.

package main

import "fmt"

func main() {
   fmt.Println("Hello, World!")
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Ok so Go feels like an intermediate between Python and C++. Python yeah it looks very clean there are no parentheses and brackets and so on so it's a bit easier to read I would say. It is easier to write and it's a bit cleaner. For a beginner, I'd say Go is harder to learn.

The Python programming language dominates for general purpose programming. You can use it for gui programming, web development, machine learning and lots of other things.

Go can be used in many domains, but it's not matured yet in all those domains and lots of software is written in Python.

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