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Bogdan Alexandru Militaru
Bogdan Alexandru Militaru

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Questions for interviewers from a developer ?

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What questions for interviewers mean? Do you remember that question from the end of any interview ? That strange question which you don't understand it, probably. Yes I'm referring to that question:

Do you have any questions for us ?

An Interviewer

Exactly, that question for a lot of you make to ask Why exists that question ? And this is exactly the reason that I write this article. That question must be your wild card to get that job or to reject that job.

Why the questions for interviewers are important?

The questions for interviewers are important because even if you don't think yet, but their interest is you to be happy. On the other hand if you are happy, the productivity is increased, the quality is better and the interest is bigger. They know how important is for their company to have the right candidates.

Your questions for interviewers are one extra factor that makes them to understand if you are the right person. Is true that you have direct gain. An interview is a way to meet both sides. The company wants to meet you and you as well.

In the first part of interview they want to know more about you, about your skills and knowledge. You should do the same, you should know how their are organized, which are the benefits, which are the requests, what platform they use, what technologies or programming language they use. In the end, you must be happy.

Types of questions for interviewers

There are two types of questions for your interviews. The questions depends by whom are addressed to. Can be technical questions or non technical questions.

Non technical questions

The non-technical questions are focused more for the HR (human resources) discussion. Here you can ask details like

  • Details about company;
  • Which is the target of company;
  • How is the environment;
  • How easy is to change the position, if for instance you decide to grow in a different area;
  • Salary;
  • Benefits;
  • Details about coaching programs;
  • Access to online courses or tutorials;
  • Extra activities;

Technical questions

It's your time now. If they tested you, now it's your time to test them. It's the right moment to ask about methodologies, architectures, algorithms or patterns, security or tools.

What you can ask:

  • Technologies used inside the company;
  • Frameworks or libraries in daily base;
  • Tools;
  • Versioning control system;
  • OS platform;
  • Bug tracking tools;
  • Documentation tools;
  • Methodologies used;
  • Code review process;
  • If they use testing: unit, coverage;

In conclusion, to sum up, I tried to point out just few ideas, because you really need to understand is that you should ask all your curiosities about that job. Similarly, as the company don't need to discover later that jobs is not for you. The recruiters are usually very social and very opened to questions, because they need to know you.

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