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Speed vs. Design: Which matters more?

I know that the two are not mutually exclusive, but often I see amazingly designed websites that take forever to load and websites that are quick to load but don't look that good.

Which matters to you more as a user? (Not which impacts revenue more or anything)

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Let me tell you something interesting: a website USA today has a EU version of the site which is GDPR compliant. Basically, they removed all the tracking cookies, adds, analytics spying on you etc. And the page is really really responsive compared to the original website.

You'll have to use a proxy / VPN , but check it out: vs the regular USA today.

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Hila Berger

As a user, I believe that speed is more important.
As a developer, I think that design is more important.
The software development procedure is very long, hence the developers will work on their code for a long time. A well-designed code will definitely make it easier.

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Meghan (she/her)

Speed. So long at as the design isn't abhorrent, speed is #1 for me when I see a new site for the first time.

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Max Cerrina

Speed. I don't care how pretty a new site is if it takes too long, because I probably won't have stayed to see.

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Saurabh Sharma • Edited

Look at they have simple design yet it's loading speed is amazing.

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A good design can be simple...