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Show Dev: How I made a SocProof widget for my own site and turn it to profitable side-project

A year ago, I launched sales of my application and thought how

to increase conversion on the app landing page


Here I came across a social proof/FOMO widget idea(it shows to

users recent customer activity which boosts conversion due to

FOMO effect)

I figured it would be easy to create my own widget (since I

know JavaScript well) and not pay any service. in addition,

prices were quite high and reached $100 per year and even

higher :(

The first version was very simple. However, everything worked fine and it took me only three hours for the first MVP.

And yes, I noticed an increase in conversion (however, due to indirect reasons at the beginning it was more likely to feel), as I also received some feedback from customers and friends with the mention of the widget. Including one of the friends was delighted with the idea itself and asked for the same widget for its website.

So I thought to do it as a product.

First of all, I create any products for myself - and therefore I do it so that it is convenient for me.

So as for me, I constantly have new projects with a small number of buyers and different billings(Wordpress, Gumroad, deal resellers.. etc.) so it was not convenient for me to do automation for each service and page.

I would like to fill in the data manually but in order to make it easy to change them (and in theory

it would be possible to automate this, for example, through Zapier).

The solution was to use Google Sheets. And after a couple of days, the first script version worked.

I started thinking about the builder interface to make it as simple and convenient as possible.

and this is how it looks now:
You can use it for free:
Alt Text

Or upgrade to Pro with an early birds pricing here:

And of course, I love working in the B2B segment, and since I already had experience selling products with a white label license(,

so I decided to do this with a social proof widget.

I like to think that I also help others earn money (this is the best motivation for me)

in addition, the average check is much higher in b2b :)

Plus! I already receive two products - my service SaaS and a B2B White Label product! It's great!

And here's the White-Label builder version:

I must say that at the moment there is already a successful user case in b2b white-label builder (so you can see the working project of my client here:

My goal to create White-Label reseller service(SaaS) with built-in monetization triggers plus with minimal time to start(more about this below)

First of all, I thought about upgrading triggers and paths and how to put marketing in the widget itself.

and that's what I did now:

  1. Brand link in a free version
    Alt Text

  2. Call to action in builder UI
    Alt Text

  3. Limited widget features in the free version
    Alt Text

  4. Plus an upgrade offer before free download
    Alt Text

I’m also sure that many startups and projects will benefit from the widget itself.

Social Proof Builder:

Demo + Free version:

White-Label reseller builder:

So if you are interested please ask questions in the comments
and also I will be interested to know your opinion

Have a wonderful, productive, have a nice day!

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