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Gatsby and WordPress: Netlify or Die!

booyaa profile image Mark Sta Ana Originally published at on ・1 min read

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We’re done with our new site, it’s time to setup Netlify.

  • Install gatsby-cli in your repo (netlify needs it to build your site): npm install --save gatsby-cli
  • Get your node version node -v and stick it in .nvmrc to pin netlify to the version you used to build the site (note: don’t include the v in version number i.e. v11.3.0 becomes 11.3.0
  • Complete netlify setup up to step 5, but don’t hit deploy: A Step-by-Step Guide: Gatsby on Netlify | Netlify
  • Expand advanced build settings

Advanced in Netlify

Remember those environmental variables we set up on gatsby-config.js? It’s time add them up in Netlify.

Environment Variables in Netlify

Let’s the click deploy button to publish the site. If there were any errors, check out the logs in the Deploys section of your Netlify site.

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