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Owen Collier-Ridge
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Getting Started with AWS

👋 Welcome, and thanks for reading my article. Today we're going to be learning about how to get started using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

If you'd rather read this in pretty PDF form, this guide is available for free at my store! Or view the source code directly

What is AWS?

AWS is a cloud service provider. What does that mean?

It means AWS provides all kinds of awesome things that we developers need to build cool things.

Maybe even more importantly, lots of companies use AWS and pay top dollar for employees with AWS skills.

When you think AWS think:

Why do we want to use AWS?

  • AWS skills are in high demand.
    • Huge companies like Epic Games and Uber run on AWS.
  • AWS lets us learn and explore.
    • With 175 services and counting. Each service gives you insight into a different business area or use case.
  • AWS is awesome.
    • AWS is so powerful. You can host your personal website, start a side project, and host a game played by 1000s of users, all in one place.

Goals of this article:

  1. We want to make an AWS Account.
  2. We want to set up a Budget and an IAM User
  3. We want to get ideas brewing about sweet projects we can build on AWS.

Let's jump in!

Making an Account

Sign up here for an AWS Account

Signing up for an AWS Account

Setting Things Up

Once you have your account and you're logged in, click here to deploy my Bootstrap template.

This template will make you an IAM User to use (using IAM Users instead of root credentials is a best practice) and it will set you up with a Budget, to help you not incur unexpected costs.

Stack Creation Screen

Fill in an email for Budget notifications, a password for your user, and create the stack!

You'll see a screen like this once things are finished.

Create Complete!

Now to log in with your new user:

  1. Go to the resources tab and click on your User link. Find your IAM User
  2. Find the sign-in link under your User's security credentials tab. Grab that sign-in link!

Get Excited!

AWS is awesome, it has a very generous free tier, and it enables YOU to build incredible things.

I specialize in Python development and AWS Lambda architectures. I write informative guides on how to create applications using AWS Lambda, check them out and follow me at my store

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