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Starting a CS degree after 4 years of working in the high tech industry?

boriboy profile image the dude with the beer ・1 min read

I believe a passionate autodidact can go very far and much beyond traditional academy trajectory, as the hunger for learning endlessly abides.
In my very core of existence i am absolutely fascinated with technology, of all kinds, and so with the help of the great internet I taught myself how to code. I have been working over 4 years as a web developer, mostly on large scale backend systems but in my free time I develop mobile apps using hybrid technologies.

Salaries are great, job offers pouring down on me like men from the song "its raining men" by the weather girls.

Yet I quit my job, and decided to pursue academy as means of indeepening my knowledge in the field, improving math abilities and knit a network of brilliant engineers.

Would you do the same given similar circumstances? Or have you already pursued academy while being "settled" in the job market? Kindly share your thoughts :)

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