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Me, AWS and Netlify

Into the city

When I moved to Cloud City I noticed that everybody was nice and friendly. What was striking is that the community was large, but the technology everybody was using, was even larger.
I was new so I wanted to get to know the city. My idea was to make my MyApp scale quickly with the help of the technology of Cloud City and its community.

At the pub

I managed to find an apartment near Serverless Heights, which is a pretty large neighborhood in the area. The first few days were boring, but I found a small pub with a great beer named Codereviewer, the pub, and the beer are named Codereviewer.
One night I was sitting at the bar where several developers had been celebrating the end of a stressful sprint. They were very open so I joined the conversation from time to time. After few more beers, they started to talk about girls in the neighborhood and then somebody mentioned AWS and the moment just stopped. Each of the guys took a moment to bring back memories of her image, of her beauty. As it seemed AWS was the most wanted girl in the whole city and everybody was talking about her. One guy mentioned that she could come to this pub, and by the looks, everybody gave him I suspected that that was the reason they came to the pub. By listening carefully I understood that she wasn't an easy girl, but was approachable. She wouldn't expect dinners and presents and was very respectful of your money and hers too. She would always split the bill evenly. As long as you behaved you had a chance with her.

When I met her

The next day I came to the Codereviewer and sat at the bar, again. There was nobody I could recognize from the evening before. I ordered a cup of coffee and started scrolling on my mobile phone.
All of a sudden the murmur stopped, it took me a few seconds to understand what was happening. Everybody was looking at the door. I turned my head and there she was. AWS. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Long blond API Gateway was waiving as she walked. She was walking toward the bar with her beautiful legs, I raised my view toward her Cognito and a little bit more to her Lambdas. And what Lambdas she had! It was like she came out of PlayDev's magazine cover. Perfection.
She sat beside me. When she ordered her drink she turned toward me and just started the conversation. I won't go into details, but after I gave her some details about me, we were a couple. The first few days and weeks were incredible, it looked like the relationship was moving forward really fast. She let me play with her Lambdas and I played a lot I must admit. :-)

When I got to know her better

Weeks and months passed. Everything was great but we couldn't push our relationship to the next level. When things were going great she would distract with something out of the blue that she thought wasn't right at the moment. After a while, I noticed that I wasn't playing as much with her Lambdas anymore but was constantly preoccupied with "where are the keys", "you left the toilet seat up", "there are these bills you have to pay"... the list went on and on... For everything that she put on, there should be two guys waiting for her and her needs and I wasn't ready for that. I am a little bit conservative in that department. After several months we broke up. I just couldn't handle it anymore.
I was devastated. She just sucked all of the joy I had in me. I was thinking about leaving Serverless Heights and even my MyApp. Instead of working on MyApp, I was taking care of AWS. We all suffered.

And then came Netlify

After two months I met this girl named Netlify. I didn't need any manuals and she had great Lambdas. She is wild. Getting to know her Identity went quick. We just enjoyed being together and went from zero to married in no time. I just had to Git Push and MyApp will have a little sister NextApp in December.

Between you and me AWS and Netlify have the same Lambdas but don't say it to the guys at Codereviewer. ;-)

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kirschd profile image

Hahahaha, I’ve been there too!
Still getting over it.. 😩
Heard of a brunette w/blue eyes named Azure - Getting to know here little by little.
Netlify is sweeeet too 😜

officialismailshah profile image
ismail shah

Wonderful Article and story....Even I am interested to know these girlsπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

aleksandarperc profile image

Netlify is completely free at the moment and AWS will need some insurance ;-)

saikrishnabanda5 profile image

good one

aleksandarperc profile image


sojasmine profile image
Sojasmine Gjerstad

😁πŸ₯°very entertaining. I enjoyed reading your post. I want to know more about Netlify.

aleksandarperc profile image

I might write something in the near future ;-)

campilax profile image
Aiwekhoe E. Bobby

Entertaining πŸ˜€

aleksandarperc profile image

Thank you!