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Bozhidar Hristov 🏔️
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The Knowledge Base: A Podcast on Personal Productivity Tools

The Why

Today, the landscape of productivity tools is vast and vibrant. Each one of us is using a different set of tools to manage their own personal knowledge base. We also vary in what parts of our knowledge base we manage: some annotate books, others stick to their to do lists, bookmarks and/or personal finances. I think that there's a tremendous value in mapping this landscape.

What is it?

The Knowledge Base is a podcast and a community dedicated to reviewing the tools in the ecosystem and finding the best workflows. The podcast will be used to interview some of the builders of the best apps and experts on the topic. The community will be used to share knowledge and experience.

The Goal

Working on improving our productivity results in developing good habits which, we all know, are essential to self-improvement. When these are shared in the community, it's tremendously easier to find the best patterns. Our goal is to make this improvement x100 easier.

The Next Steps

I want to hear your opinions, before I share the next steps with you. Are you with me? Do you have any suggestions to make this better?

In the meantime you can follow this Twitter account.

Let's build The Knowledge Base together!

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