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dropDesk - How I made Jira FRIENDLY!

Have you ever used Jira? I did for one job, and that is definitely one complicated application to use. In comes dropDesk.

dropDesk was the final project I built while enrolled in Flatiron School's Immersive Software Engineering bootcamp. My ultimate goal for my final project was to create some type of ticket system with Jira in mind. What sparked the final idea of dropDesk was when I thought about how much is going on in Jira, and how it can become overwhelming. My solution: make it simple and friendly. The tech stack for this project was a React frontend and a Ruby on Rails backend.

Let's take a look:

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dropDesk is named after the drag and drop functionality I added to it using the React-Beautiful-DnD library. This library allows you to drag and drop items on the webpage to different parts of the page, which is all configured manually. So, you can only drag and drop into a specific place on the page!

Create your ticket in the category of your choosing:

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Then, drag the ticket between the categories to change it's current category! Simple enough!

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Scaling the app

The app is currently still being developed to be a full scale app. The next phase of development for this app is to allow users to create separate teams. What's great about this feature is that you could choose to create a team of your own and use it as a task tracker, or a company can create different teams for within the company which can be moderated by admin users.

Please feel free to explore the application here:

The source code can be found here:

If anyone has any questions or suggestions, please comment below! The project is open source as well!

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Darlene Rivera

Nice write up