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Install intel AX200 wireless WIFI 6 driver on Windows Server 2019

This is a quick guide on installing the AX200 Wireless Wifi 6 driver on Windows server.
I ran through a problem when installing the Wifi 6 drivers on my Windows server (standard edition) 2019. I downloaded the driver files directly from Intel and it was not installing because of this A service installation section in this inf is invalid error.

  1. Download the Intelยฎ PROSet/Wireless Software and Drivers for IT Admins from and unzip it on the server.

  2. Open Powershell on Windows server 2019 and run the following command

Add-WindowsFeature -Name Wireless-Networking
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  1. Restart

  2. Go into the Device Manager, click update the driver of the unknown device (normally the 2nd or 3rd unknown device)

  3. Restart

  4. Now you should see the Wifi panel on the bottom right hand corner.

Thanks to Ruben Mamo for the work around. :)

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cheema33 profile image

This worked for the Intel AX200 wifi driver. Thank you!

The Bluetooth driver did not require these steps and worked out of the box.

davidlovesbacon profile image

Were you able to install the Bluetooth drivers for the Intel chipset on Windows Server 2019? I'm having a hard time with Broadcom Bluetooth, and I'm thinking of grabbing an Intel based card instead. I'm using the generic Bluetooth driver currently, but would really like full support and capabilities. I've tried so many drivers trying to get this one to work.

lordvader1 profile image

Many thanks. worked