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Three.js - An Awesome Library to Bring Amazing Effects to Your Project.

I recently discovered this fluid simulation application, and was blown away. I was inspired to try my hand at WebGL and learn a little about the process involved in developing similar effects for the web (or in general).

I was able to find a few simple tutorials for WebGL, and almost immediately realized that it's much more involved than I initially anticipated. I'm not sure I'll be taking on the challenge anytime soon, although I genuinely love the work others have been able to accomplish with the technology, and would like to learn more eventually.

There is, however, an amazing library, called Three.js which allows you to focus on developing effects without the need to understand the intricate low-level details of WebGL.

Here's a simple example I made while learning...

I've had a ton of fun learning how to use Three.js, and I'm thrilled with the documentation that's been provided. While it will take me a little while to become comfortable working with Three.js, I'm excited to bring cool effects to my next side project.

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