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🔮 Technologically Clairvoyant ed. 6 - Alzheimer's, addictive social networks, 3d printing

Hello 👋

Brandon here.

🌊 Welcome to the sixth edition of 🔮Technologically Clairvoyant🔮

Without further ado, let’s get into it 🎪

Near future

🖲 Nimses - Most Addictive Social Network

This social network pays you to use it. Every new post you create is more money for you.

The more engagement your post gets, the more money you make. We've seen this with Steemit before.

What differentiates it from Steemit is the idea that you can buy a property.

With enough money saved up, you can buy a place. Let's say you can buy Hounslow, London

Every single post/engagement in that area, you make 15% of what that person made.

You now have people making more money for you.

The store

Nimses lets you buy items from their store. Clothes, shoes, music streaming. You don't need to convert the Nimses currency into a normal currency to use it.

This means that if you're 12 & popular on Nimses - you can buy things such as streaming services without your parents finding out.

How does it make money?

Some users believe that Nimses tracks you (a lot more than traditional social networks do). Nimses owns an advertising platform, so it would make sense for them to do this. Some of the things people claim Nimses can do (as they claim to have de-compiled the APK) are:

  • Start when the phone turns on
  • Install additional apps/services
  • Reads which accounts you're logged into (note from me: it probably does this to see if you can log in with Google, Facebook etc. You've seen this before)
  • Record audio and video
  • GPS
  • Is a launcher on Android - meaning it can change any or all your home screen.

🐶 AI Can Now Detect Deepfakes By Looking For Weird Facial Movements

It's good to see it's possible to detect Deepfakes.

But, this technology could also be used to help create more realistic looking Deepfakes.

You can tell an AI to improve its Deepfake technology until the AI to detect whether it's a Deepfake can no longer tell.
Of course, it's a lot harder than it sounds. But, still possible.

🚁 Uber Eats Completes Successful Drone Delivery Tests In San Diego

We see news like this every week.

What interested me is:

"The team plans on beginning larger scale testing operations in San Diego imminently."

We're getting closer and closer to drone deliveries every week.

The UK has strict laws on flying, especially drones - especially London.

To successfully fly a drone in the UK, you need to:

  • Not be higher than 400ft from the surface
  • "you must keep the drone in your direct sight at all times while it is flying"
  • "you must not endanger anyone, or anything with your drone, including any articles that you drop from it"
  • "you must not fly within the Flight Restriction Zone of a protected aerodrome"
  • "if your drone weighs more than 7kg, additional rules apply"
  • Not be flown over congested areas

As you can see, the UK isn't ripe for drone deliveries like America is.

🤖 Using AI, You Can Undress A Photo Of Any Woman With A Single Click

The app uses the same technology that Deepfakes use to create a naked body of a woman.

The technology has existed for a few years. Most famously it was used to decensor anime in

It is horrifying to imagine people using this technology to undress children, and adults.

I can't begin to imagine how you would fight against something like this. For sure we need laws that regulate this kind of stuff. But, like with most technology, the laws come after the technology is in widespread use (Facebook, for example).

It sounds ridiculous, but the only way to protect yourself from this type of technology is to never, ever appear in front of a camera. Not even for a single photo.

📰 Study Of Thousands Of Players Shows A Simple Online Game Works Like A 'vaccine', Increasing Skepticism Of Fake News By Giving People A “weak Dose” Of The Methods Behind Disinformation

The perceived reliability of fake news is reduced by 21%, yet it makes no difference to how users ranked real news.

I can see an education reform happening soon in the UK. The UK understands that Computer Science is an ever-evolving field. When you study 3 years in Computer Science (whether that's for GCSE or a degree) it's estimated that 40% of the things you've learned are no longer relevant. 5 years and 70%.

The UK government has rebuilt the Computer Science GCSE path to reflect more on the real world.

In the future, politicians would want students to take fake news classes. Because this will increase the trust of the nation in the politicians.

🚚 Cement Produces More Pollution Than All The Trucks In The World, Despite There Being An Alternative Which Reduces Carbon Emissions 90%

The industry is not adopting this technology because:

  • It costs more to make
  • The materials are harder to get in certain parts of the world (Europe)

But, Australia is embracing it. Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport has used this for their taxiways.

🚗 Lightyear One Debuts As The First Long-range Solar-powered Electric Car

450 miles on a single charge, powered by solar and intended for the consumer market.

For reference, Tesla's average about 325 miles at the moment.

📺 Inside The Life Of A Traumatic Facebook Moderator

Their bosses fire them if they do not uphold an accuracy rating of 98%. The average accuracy rating is around 80%.

Seeing people die every day has caused the moderators to develop PTSD.

This is one job where AI could replace humans and we wouldn't be mad or upset.

🕊Scientists Discover A Neurotics That Doesn't Appear To Be Harmful To Any Living Thing Except Anopheles Mosquito's That Spread Malari

From the paper:

Further research about the interaction between the toxin and the nervous system cell membranes in different species is needed.
This compound hurts part of the nervous system in mosquitoes that mammals (such as birds and fish) don't have.
This was verified by exposing mice to the compound without significant harm, although it should be noted that the scientists could not verify whether the compound reached the mouse nervous system, so further research is needed.

Distant future

💡 Brightest And Highest Pixel Density Monitor In The World Revolutionises Light High Fidelity Xr Headsets

1" inch screen with a resolution of 5000x4000 and 1KHz, i.e. 1000 fps. Also, 1 million nits of brightness.

The author of the above video didn't know what to talk about. I agree. This is so different from everything we've seen before it's hard to know what to talk about.

This is going to take XR to the next level.

🚁 Amazon Gets U.s. Patent To Use Delivery Drones For Surveillance Service

A few weeks ago, I talked about the idea of using drones as CCTV. Amazon's taken this idea and ran with it.

I see a future filled with drones. The idea of using drones for surveillance makes total sense. Even non-public sector drones.

Amazon says that the drones can be used to find broken windows on a house, or garage doors left open.

The Broken Windows Theory states that one single broken window (signs of crime or anti-social behaviour) will cause more crime and anti-social behaviour to happen. Even when the broken window was caused by something unrelated to crime.

I envision a future where the public sector pays for companies to use their drones for surveillance. Amazon's patent allows them to track homes - not the roads or paths.

But, of course, distant future because Amazon patented it. Meaning that only Amazon can do this for a long time.

I still envision a distant future where the public sector outsources most CCTV to drone companies.

💀 Oxford Performance Materials’ 3D printed PEKK implants demonstrate accelerated bone regeneration

This technique enables cartilage repair, showing strong evidence of new bone formation.

This could aid in treatments for critical-sized bone defects, reducing the need for invasive procedures such as bone grafting.

🚶‍♀️ 3d-printed Flexible Meshes For Ankle And Knee Braces

The mesh can be adjusted in terms of flexibility and toughness, it emulates and supports soft tissues such as muscles or tendons.

This leads to tough-yet-stretchable material being used as personalised wearable support (such as knee braces) and even implantable devices (such as hernia meshes) that better match the patient's body.

🌑 NASA Will Go Looking For Alien Life On Titan, A Moon Of Saturn

NASA will use Dragonfly, the drone-like spacecraft we've seen on this newsletter before.

The drone will hop from one spot to another, drill down and take measurements.

“Titan has all of the key ingredients needed for life,” says Lori Glaze, the director of NASA’s planetary science division.

🧬 Startup Packs All 16GB Of Wikipedia Onto DNA Strands To Demonstrate New Storage Tech

Computer storage has moved from magnets to hard disks to 3D stacks of memory chips. Could the next storage technology be DNA?

The startup has stored 16GB of English Wikipedia (text only) on a very, very small sample of DNA (a tiny drop).

But, the machines used to write to DNA are large and complex. We likely won't see this technology used commercially for a while.

🐝 Robobee Improvements. No Longer Needs A Wire, Is Entirely Solar Powered.

The robobee, a small drone (about the size of a finger) loses its power cord for solar energy.

It is the first to fly without a power cord (of all the robobees) and the lightest, untethered vehicle to achieve sustained flight.

Solar power will power the future of drones.

Looking into my 🔮, the Robobee would be effective in combat and CCTV use. Imagine flying this thing with a small camera. The Robobee is so small it is possible to not make it out in a background amongst other things.

🐯 Facebook's VR Tracking Gets Better. Wearing A VR Headset This Prototype Will Model Your Entire Face

The technology is mainly being used for games at the moment.

Games where the custom avatar is you.

It could also work effectively in online poker tournaments to show your face.

I'm worried that if VR tracks the movements of your face, they could be used for Deepfakes or to train Deepfake models.

🏭 The World Is Increasingly At Risk Of “climate Apartheid”, Where The Rich Pay To Escape Heat And Hunger Caused By The Escalating Climate Crisis While The Rest Of The World Suffers, A Report From A UN Human Rights Expert Has Said

Wall-e, anyone?

No surprise here. This has been happening for quite some time.

With space tourism starting up next year, I'm excited about space hotels. Sick of all the death and disease on earth? Got a few billion £££? Just fly to space.

🥡 Oyster Shells, The Part Known As Mother-of-pearl, Inspire Scientists To Create Glass That’s Much Harder To Shatter.

The inspired glass is 2-3 times more impact resistant than laminated glass and tempered glass and outperforms Plexiglass. The fabrication method is relatively easy and scalable.

💉 A Vaccine For Alzheimer's Is On The Verge Of Becoming A Reality

Prevention of Alzheimer's is looking good for the distant future.

The study linked found that the vaccine produced _**_40 percent reduction in beta-amyloid and up to a 50 percent reduction in tau. Importantly, there were no adverse immune reactions.

What this means is that there is a chance this vaccine can prevent Alzheimer's. Still in the very early stages.

Until next time,

  • Brandon 🐝

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Nice article, was very surprised to read about Nimses, the new social network!

thepeoplesbourgeois profile image

WOW hopefully someone builds an army of deadly robobees to combat all of these horrific potentials for deepfakes.

Can't think of anything scarier than Photoshops. Not a single one.