I open-sourced a portfolio template built with React and Tailwind!

braydentw profile image Brayden W ・1 min read

Hey there! πŸ‘‹

After learning the fundamentals of TailwindCSS in just a couple of days, I published and open-sourced a simple portfolio template! πŸ‘‡

Screenshot of webpage

🌐 Live demo: https://braydentw.github.io/react-tailwind-portfolio
🐱 Github Repository: https://github.com/BraydenTW/react-tailwind-portfolio

Best of all, completely free to use for any of your personal projects.

It is much appreciated πŸ€— if you give this a ⭐ on Github.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Editor guide

Friendly reminder to any developer that is going to use the template:

  • although it's a good looking template, remember to give it your own personal twist so you can differentiate yourself from others and you can make the project your own.

Using a template like this is also a great way of learning by using an "advanced" starting point ❀️


Good insights. I think this is very important πŸ‘


Nice, you have a star plus, checkout mine thedev.sk


Amazing!! I love the neumorphic shadows at the and :D


Thanks πŸ˜… I hope I handled the designg OK πŸ™‚

It looks great πŸ‘Œ


Thank you for sharing! This is what i've been looking for. 😁


Thanks so much!!

Feel free to use it for any personal projects and if you liked it, a ✨ is very much appreciated :D


Looks pretty good! I think I am going to use this for my GH pages portfolio now.


Very cool. Send me a link when you’re finished. I’d love to see it :D


Very nice! I really like sites, especially portfolios, that are too the point!


Thank you :D

It is free-to-use for any of your projects. If you like it, I would appreciate a ✨

Have a nice weekend!


Thanks a bunch! If you ever need to use color palette to make new template check out Palettolithic πŸ˜‰