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Open Source: 1st week done and I'm loving it! 🥰

It's been almost a week since I dropped my side project and started working on open source and and I'm really loving it!!! 🥰

After hearing about Digital Ocean's Hacktoberfest from some developers, I couldn't wait to get started and make my mark in the open source world!

About a week later I finished 4 pull requests and now I'm waiting to get the special-edition free shirt. 🙃

But that's not the end of it...

I didn't want to stop there. I decided to test out my React skills by creating a simple Emoji-Search with React. And that was super fun.

screenshot of web app

I open-sourced it on Github only expecting to get a few stars, but ended up getting over 30 in a week!! 🎉

Of course, that leads to other important responsibilities too. I had to review a decent amount of pull requests and issues which took up some time. However, I'm happy with this. I know that I can help improve the experience of others and do the same for other developers' projects.

I can't wait for the next week, and the next week, and the next week. 😁

This is gonna be an awesome ride 🚀 and I'm glad to have your support.

High five

🔗 react-emoji-search:

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Manuel Castellin

I think the best thing about working on / hosting an open-source project is that other contributors are always trying to top what you just published. It's like they're on a mission to show the world it could have been done better.

I mean, OpenSource totally isn't for touchy people, but personally, I love that attitude, because, if you can accept the criticisms and really understand other people's inputs, you can grow and learn more than you could ever have on your own.

braydentw profile image
Brayden W ⚡️

Love that :D

tracycss profile image
Jane Tracy 👩🏽‍💻

Love the design. Absolutely amazing, Brayden.

braydentw profile image
Brayden W ⚡️

Thank you so much Jane :)