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Over 600+ of awesome CSS Animations by for Tailwind Project

As the craze for use of TailwindCSS has been inclining upwards at Y Axis ever since it release, I took a faith of a big leap to this hype as well just to see how well this framework is doing in terms of making a developer life more easier (Backend Developers especially lol jk)

So one day I had a requirement where i wanted to use few of css animations from but issue began to trouble me when i had to use animation & keyframe properties for each use of css animations (raw css) in my project's tailwind config file.

After a month of hard work & dedication, It turned out to be one of the best project I have ever done in my starting career of my life, So without further ado let me share the live link to my project below that will help you in adding awesome CSS animations that is originally developed by team to your tailwind project easily without any headache :)


I released a tailwindcss plugin for this tool few days ago just in case if you don't like to copy & paste the generated config file by Tail-Animista


Happy Coding

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