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Intelligence Drought of American Corporates

Greed of corporate America to accumulate wealth for few while 80 percent of Americans fight for 20 percent of resources within American border is the beginning of greatest failures. After 2000 years of civilization, humans reached the moon, made nuclear bombs and installed puppet governments in every country or destroyed when refused; yet could not solve wealth inequality, homeless deaths and food shortages.

Trillion dollar BlackRock bankers are the key financial advisors of elected American presidents. No wonder why majority of North Americans are mortgage hostages. American military is the tool of the corporate bankers to exercise violence on any nation in the planet. While, all corporate scams are sold as investment opportunity to end human foot print on earth.

American Empire has been occupying every part of the continent since WW2. However, America was miserable in sharing the wealth among fellow Americans and continents. The weakest part of a chain is its link. Corporate American culture prevented people from knowing the basics of evolutionary sciences and law of universe. Any species that cannot share resources, co-exist and live peacefully are doomed to face extinction. #america #intelligence #economy

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