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What is Wrong with Our Society?

Nothing. Our society is fine. We are the problem. All of our actions have have consequences. That social, economical and political conflicts as result of our direct actions and inactions. We must stop using violence and start peaceful means to communicate with one another.

Over 90 percent of the world is organized through one and only capital means of production. Unfortunately, capitalism thrives on the ability to exercise violence. For an example, United States have the best military; therefore, all countries must agree to contribute to capital means of transactions. No country that produce goods can demand anything, should they do, will be faced with military intervention.

In a capitalistic society; also misunderstood as free society, all transactions are completed with the potential threat of violence for non-compliance. For an example, countries such as Cuba are excluded from free trade and sanctioned to death due to fair compensation for all workers. However, the ability of Cuba to provide free education, healthcare and housing for all; regardless of poverty indicates the power of sharing.

The reason American people participate in social, economical and political violence is because of lack of knowledge and awareness about the economy and the world around. When a child starts to eat sugar, there is no understanding about the consequences of sugar consumption but only fulfilling the instant desires; in return, is detrimental to health.

The financial institution is the cornerstone of American economy. Our banks exercise violence on poor people without any social, economical or political consequences. Indeed, we have laws in place to protect the banks; not individuals from banks. For an example, bank decide that poor people must pay high price for bank accounts because of poverty. In a free society, that is violence but the ugly side is placed in the shadow.

There are more than one ways to organize our society. North Americans have surrendered to sole capitalistic way of doing things because it helps the rich get rich and poor get poorer in the absence of government interference. The only real purpose of our government is to collect taxes, declare wars and protect the financial interest of the big corporations. #intelligence #economy #law

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