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The title is supposed to signal a virtue (if it can be called such), which I have picked up after being in the industry for a few years. A virtue that took me too long to grasp and has been subtle hindrance in my career.

The virtue is this: care more about making a product (or project) good and useful, rather than the technology used to build it.

Countless times I have seen "X built using Y and/or Z", almost as if building "X" is deemed valuable and useful by "Y" and "Z" tech used in its development. What I have grown to care more about is if the thing being developed is actually a net benefit (whatever that means for your project or personal life).

To make things a bit less philosophical, I don't care if about something being built in a MERN stack, or a frontend app is built on jQuery, or Java Server Pages with good ol' Java 7, etc... I care if it makes the lives of the software users better/easier.

My encouragement to you, reader, is to strive to build amazing and useful products/projects, seeing the technology used only as a means to an end.

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