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Discussion on: What database do you use at work?

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Access is like mold; once it's in, you have to work hard to get it out. If you give people Access they will turn it into business-critical functionality, but without the support and testing necessary. The worst part is the inevitable "Why aren't you supporting this?"

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Gary Bell

The team who implemented it are very aware that it's not supported by IT, as are the directors. I work for a very understanding company in that respect. Any issues with that database are their own.

The team who implemented and manage that one are also the ones driving a build into a standard company platform. Mainly so their full team can use it at the same time. They have the business rules documented, as well as their processes, so they are well placed to help and test a properly built version.

Again, I'm really lucky with the business I work for.

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The Sharp Ninja

I believe there's a market for a product to replace Access. It would like need to be an Electron app for cross platform and would use an embedded database. Forms would be straight HTML/Javascript (bring your own front-end framework). I could see this being a slam dunk with Blazor.