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Around the Web – 20190913

And now for somethings to read (or watch) over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is.

Way Basic

Good Day, Sir! Show – Jeremy Ross – In this episode, we discuss Salesforce’s new ad campaign, WeWork IPO, Uber continuing to invest in their Uber Freight division, Larry Ellison lawsuit over NetSuite acquisition, JetBrains developer survey, and the recent Apple Event announcements.

Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse

I’ve been getting annoyed by my Magic Mouse so I think I will give this one a try when it becomes available. I have the first generation of it and still use it occasionally so I have high hopes for it.

Caniuse and MDN compatibility data collaboration

CSS-Tricks – Sep 10, 12:51 PM – Easily manage projects with Second only to ‘silly GIFs,’ I’d guess screenshots of caniuse are the most common slide graphic at web conferences. It’s become the ultimate source for looking at web compatibility data in the hearts and minds…

Command Line Tools

Netlify – Netlify’s command line interface (CLI) lets you deploy sites or configure continuous deployment straight from the command line. The new 2.0 version of our Node-based CLI was rebuilt from the ground up to help improve the site building experience.

Simplify your JavaScript – Use .some() and .find()

poka-techblog – Etienne Talbot – Sep 4, 4:10 AM – Following the insane amount of views on my article,.reduce(), and.filter(), I thought I should share two more array methods that are useful tools in a JavaScript developer’s arsenal:.some() and.find(). This array method helps you determine…

Till Next Week

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