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Around the Web – 20190104

And now for somethings to read (or watch) over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is.

Lightning Web Components – Testing – Jan 1, 11:00 PM – During the last post we explored some of the basics of developing with LWC. Now let’s see what options we have for testing. I have to admit that I have never felt comfortable with front-end JavaScript testing on Salesforce. A few years ago I did a…

Apex Collections Nesting Depth Documentation Bug

Salesforce Dan – Jan 3, 3:13 AM – The Apex Developers Guide states that collections (List, Set, and Map) can only be nested up to four levels deep. From the documentation (at the time of this writing): Lists can contain any collection and can be nested within one another and become…

Website with blog and portfolio using Vue.js + Nuxt + Markdown – Marina Aisa – Marina Aisa – 1 January 2019 — Artículo disponible en español How I created my new website with portfolio and blog in two languages. What technology I used and why. Although some of you already know me, I am Marina Aísa, UX Engineer…

The Difference Between Width and Flex Basis

Geddski – This is by far the most common flexbox question I get asked. In fact I remember googling this very thing myself back when I was still just guessing with flexbox. Checking my Google search history it looks like I searched a variation of ‘flex-basis…

Aurelia 2018 Year in Review

Aurelia – Rob Eisenberg – Jan 2 – 2018 has been an amazing year for Aurelia! We’ve added long-time requested features and improvements, enabled new ways to deploy apps, shipped modern, no-hassle tooling, improved our documentation, built up financial backing, made huge advancements…

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