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Around the Web – 20190628

And now for somethings to read (or watch) over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is.

Puns and Jokes

Good Day, Sir! Show – Jeremy Ross – In this episode, we discuss what was learned from scanning 10.2 billion lines of Apex code, Tableau, the top 10 highest-paid CEO’s, Hacker News asks what Salesforce is, and Salesforce Certifications and Trailhead fraud.

The cost of JavaScript in 2019 · V8 – Jun 25 – Note: If you prefer watching a presentation over reading articles, then enjoy the video below! If not, skip the video and read on. One large change to the cost of JavaScript over the last few years has been an improvement in how fast browsers can…

Google’s new reCAPTCHA has a dark side

Fast Company – Jun 27, 8:00 AM – We’ve all tried to log into a website or submit a form only to be stuck clicking boxes of traffic lights or storefronts or bridges in a desperate attempt to finally convince the computer that we’re not actually a bot. For many years, this has been…

Raspberry Pi 4 on sale now from $35

Raspberry Pi – Eben Upton – Jun 23, 11:00 PM – We have a surprise for you today: Raspberry Pi 4 is now on sale, starting at $35. This is a comprehensive upgrade, touching almost every element of the platform. For the first time we provide a PC-like level of performance for most users, while…

Till Next Week

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