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Around the Web – 20190308

And now for somethings to read (or watch) over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is.

208: Don’t Break the Build

Good Day, Sir! Show – Salesforce Podcast – / John De Santiago – In this episode, we discuss Salesforce’s Fiscal 2020 projections, version control repositories, MyTrailhead, hard-coded Ids in process builder flows, and a little beer and wine talk.

44 – Did We Miss Something? – Against all odds, it’s an episode of Code Coverage. Topics discussed include:

* Audio problems, not knowing we were actually having some (doh)

* A brief tour or some of the features from Spring ’19

* Salesforce and devops, or not

* The end of a an era Aura

* Lightning Web Components and their likely impact

* New flow builder

* The latest release of OS/2

Salesforce Developer Week 2019: Lightning Web Components

MobileCaddy Stage – Robbie Westacott – Mar 1, 2:28 AM – At the end of last month, Salesforce hosted the latest in a long line of global events for its vast and ever-growing community. Developer Week 2019 provided a chance for Salesforce Community User Groups around the world to learn about the newly…

State Management with Redux in LWC – Sameed H. Khan

Medium – Sameed H. Khan – Mar 5, 5:12 PM – One thing I miss about the react world whenever I work on a salesforce lightning project is state management. As applications grow in size and complexity, multiple pieces of state get scattered as they reside across different components and the…

Till Next Week

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