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Brett Nelson
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Around the Web – 20190412

And now for somethings to read (or watch) over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is.

DevOps Hygiene

Fireside – Jeremy Ross – In this episode, we discuss the San Francisco Giants Calendar, Git Flow, IntelliJ, Illuminated Cloud, and managing your release environments.


Hello I’m Brett and I write and create videos for Along with writing I have created some side projects like the tools for chrome, Good Day Sir! Mini-Soundboard

Native image lazy-loading for the web! – Addy Osmani – In this post, we’ll look at the new loading attribute which brings native and lazy-loading to the web!. For the curious, here’s a sneak preview of it in action: Chrome is hoping to ship support for loading in Chrome 75.

Setting up VSCode to edit Salesforce metadata – Katie – Apr 10, 8:00 AM – A colleague wanted to edit the XML behind Salesforce flows so she could quickly copy/paste entire flows, copy/paste variables within a flow, etc. That part is easy, but I needed to walk her through setting up her computer to talk to Salesforce…

Netlify Dev

Netlify – Netlify Dev automatically detects common tools like Gatsby, Hugo, Jekyll, React Static, Eleventy, and more, providing a zero-config setup for your local dev server. We’ve faithfully replicated our powerful edge logic engine in WebAssembly so you…

Till Next Week

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