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Around the Web – 20190712

And now for somethings to read (or watch) over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is. release notes

Illuminated Cloud – (bug fix reissue of Issue 1339 – The Apex string literal injection support added in caused issues with WebStorm. Those issues should be fixed now, and that feature should work in WebStorm just as in IntelliJ IDEA. Issue…

Visual Studio Code Remote Development

Visual Studio – Apr 14, 2016 – Visual Studio Code Remote Development allows you to use a container, remote machine, or the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) as a full-featured development environment. You can: Develop on the same operating system you deploy to or use larger or…

Netlify Analytics – Accurate insights without performance impacts

Netlify – Jul 10 – Site analytics bring the ability to understand what content on your site is popular, where traffic comes from, and how many visitors you are serving. It is an important capability for those wanting to measure and improve their sites to perform…

A native lazy load for the web platform

CSS-Tricks – Aug 26, 2018, 11:38 PM – A new Chrome feature dubbed ‘Blink LazyLoad’ is designed to dramatically improve performance by deferring the load of below-the-fold images and third-party s. The goals of this bold experiment are to improve the overall render speed…

Implementing Private Variables In JavaScript

CSS-Tricks – May 31, 4:07 PM – Ship custom analytics today with JavaScript (or ECMAScript) is the programming language that powers the web. Created in May 1995 by Brendan Eich, it’s found its place as a widely-used and versatile technology. Despite its success, it’s…

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