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Around the Web – 20190322

And now for somethings to read (or watch) over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is.

Episode 43 — The Brisbane Time Glitch


In this episode we’re coming to you live from last year, where we’re recording at Down Under Dreaming (yes, with a ‘g’): Brisbane Edition. In this episode we talk more Salesforce than usual in front of a real audience, and talk to both Emily Hey and Doug Christ who was visiting from the US.

USB C PD Charger, RAVPower 60W 5-Port USB Desktop Charging Station with 45W Power Delivery Port

This is a USBC power converter that I recently bought for travel with my Macbook. The part I like the most isn’t that it charges the Macbook but it also has 5 standard USB ports. I can have one thing plugged into the wall outlet and charge my computer, phone, headphones, watch (because watches need to be charged almost everyday it seems), potable USB powerpack… and so on without bringing a power converter for each device.

JavaScript naming conventions: do’s and don’ts – Brandon Wozniewicz – Mar 6, 7:51 AM – I find it amazing how many different meanings we can get from less than 30 characters. I’m talking about the alphabet with some well-placed punctuation, of course. From a love store to a computer program, writing has allowed us to create…

Creating a Custom Element from Scratch

CSS-Tricks – Mar 20, 5:25 AM – Create your own website with In the last article, we got our hands dirty with Web Components by creating an HTML template that is in the document but not rendered until we need it. Next up, we’re going to continue our quest to create a…

Stabilizing Salesforce Lightning Development With the React Design System

LinkedIn: Log In or Sign Up – Mike Leach Follow Salesforce / AWS Technology Executive – Mar 22 – The transition from Salesforce Classic to Lightning has been a rocky road for some Developers. This journey was dramatically stabilized once we adopted the React design system for all front end (FE) Salesforce Lightning user interface (UI)…

Till Next Week

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