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Around the Web – 20190503

And now for somethings to read (or watch) over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is.

T-rex Arms – Jeremy Ross – In this episode, we discuss the usage of agile buzzwords while not doing agile, change data capture, Accenture being sued by Hertz, and Benioff’s donation to study and address homelessness.

Kindle Paperwhite – Waterproof with High-Resolution Display (300 ppi)

Sometimes I don’t like to read on my phone and when reading technical books it’s easier to see the code samples. The back light is a nice touch too…

Lightning Web Components: Service Components – Salesforce Developers Blog – May 1, 10:00 AM – As you dive deeper into the world of Lightning Web Components (LWC), it’s inevitable that complexity will increase. With increased complexity, you will need to write modular reusable code. In this blog post, I’ll explore how you can create reusable…

Creating with the New Component Playground – Salesforce Developers Blog – Apr 29, 10:00 AM – In this blog post, we will explore how easy it is to learn and build out proof of concept Lightning web components and share them with your colleagues and Salesforce Ohana friends. When we released our updates to the Component Library for Lightning…

Implementing a pin-to-bottom scrolling element with only CSS – Have you ever tried implementing a scrollable element where new content is being added and you want to pin the user to the bottom? It’s not trival to do correctly. I recently worked on a new CSS feature called ‘scroll anchoring’ that shipped…

Episode 17 – Events in Lightning Web Components – Jitendra – Apr 28, 6:24 PM – Hope you all learned basics of Lightning Web Components in our previous webinar. Visit here to see our 25 week curriculum to become Developer from Admin. This week, Episode 17 would be presented by Jitendra Zaa and topic would be handling events in…

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