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Review of DevWeek 2022

Rollbar sponsored DevWeek 2022 it was a lot of fun. So many great connections were made with developers interested in debugging. Finbar Flemming discussed how our tool can offer fast and accurate information to locate an error in your code. I'm not the most technical but it seems to make sense to the thousands of users around the world.

If you went to DevWeek 2022 thanks for visiting our booth. Nick Hodges and Finbar Flemming were able to answer some great questions. Don’t forget a Rollbar free account gives you access to 25,000 errors per month forever. We are the best tool for debugging, watch our on-demand demo or request a 1:1 for those of you with very technical questions related to your enterprise tech stack.

Rollbar's next event will be Chaos Engineering March 10, 2022. Checkout our speaking session with Nick Hodges, Developer Advocate at Rollbar he will do a talk about Self Healing Systems.

Join us- Improve? Your Mean Time To Relax

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