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Slack logo: New vs old- All you need to know:

The Popular Team Collaboration :

Slack logo: New vs old
Team collaboration tool Slack, recently switched its official logo. With the massive fan base the application has gained in the recent times, the new slack logo, has become a topic of discussion in the web space. There are a varying range of opinions on the new logo. While some consider it to be more sophisticated and classic, others have shown an outburst saying that the new logo is very generic. This has led to a division of the internet into old slack logo vs new slack logo. While there might be differences in opinions, there are some significant things which must be considered while thinking about the logo for any brand.

Impact of the logo:

Easy Identification:

A logo isn’t merely a symbol for any brand or a picture that must appear along with a trade mark. One can often misunderstand the significance that a logo can hold in promoting a brand especially in a web space. It is, therefore, important for any logo to provide the brand and easy identification. Now, the slack logo has shifted from a hash symbol (left logo) to a new symbol in the same color combination (right logo). It is pretty evident that there has been an effort by the designer to cast a logo which can be considered to be more chic. However, somewhere, the creativity of the original logo does not reflect through into the newer one.

Unique stand point:

Along with the many parameters to fulfil, one of the most important features to look at when we talk about old slack logo vs new slack logo is the unique stand point it embraces. The reason why people fell instantly in love with the hash logo is a hint of contemporary feel with the simplicity it had. The new logo, in an approach to be fancier, unknowingly imitates a lot of other more popular brands that have logos that are ingrained into the minds of people. The Microsoft logo for example has the same four colours in a quad formation. Even Google uses various animations of a similar style. Now, these are immensely renowned brands, hence, it hardly makes any difference t their popularity. However, slack might slide into an under shadow by trying to be extra sophisticated.


Some experts have questioned the brand’s decision to switch the logo now. It is clear that Slack is on an uphill adventure to popularity. This is often considered to be a crucial stage where any changes to the face of the brand are widely noticeable. It is often advised to switch things up a little bit for a feeling of freshness amongst the users. In this case however, the slack logo seems to be less relevant to the majority of followers. The millennial and contemporary crowd comprises of the majority of the fan base for slack. With the advent of the new logo, these members are unable to connect with a modern vibe. Hence, the decision of introducing the new slack logo has been widely questioned.

Memes over the Internet:

The internet being the sarcastic place that it is, has greeted the new logo with a lot of humor. These are few hilarious responses to the new logo that one must read!
-- Someone compared the old slack logo vs new slack logo as if going from something cool and quirky to a lookalike of a drug store brand.
Another hilarious tweet said, the logo looks like a couple of ducks stitched together!
-- Yet another person called it an array of colourful squirt emojis! Or a whimsical swastika!
-- The list goes on with these hilarious responses and new slack logo memes. With all these chuckles and laughter one can only wonder if the brand is rethinking its decision or just taking things with a pinch of salt!

What does Slack have to say about it?

Now, the pressing question of the hour is what the brand has to say about the advent of its new logo. When asked about the same, the company in fact, had a pretty logical answer.
They said that the old logo was designed before the company took proper form. Therefore, as a natural state of affairs, they did not get much time to consider all the aspects with old logo. The much appreciated colour combination scheme and design of the old logo was in fact creating problems of not being compatible on different platforms. The octothorpe sign which was playful and whimsical was composed with 11 different colours, thus, making it extremely difficult to layer over a variety of shades. They constantly needed to tweak the logo and come up with different versions for different backgrounds to aid visibility. This was not always advisable, since there was no uniformity which is quite the purpose of the logo. When one looks at these practical issues, the decision of the new slack logo finally makes sense.
In any case, the logo has been launched and even been appreciated by a handful in spite having mixed reviews from most sources. If it aids the brand to create a status of uniformity then one can only hope it does its best. With all the conjecture around the new logo, only time will tell if it reaps the benefits it was intended for.

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